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Regional Highlights of the 2013 IPA Institute Schedule of Education Seminars

Released on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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The IPA Institute’s 2013 international public course calendar is now available, featuring 33 seminars taking place in 25 different cities around the world. A wide variety of course topics are scheduled for 2013, including successfully managing small projects under US $10 million, managing larger projects over US $10 million, strategies for complex megaprojects valued at more than US $1 billion, skills for effective business leadership, and much more.

The education courses are developed and led by experienced IPA project and research analysts to share knowledge with project professionals on how to improve capital project performance in a variety of industries, such as petroleum exploration and production, pipelines and distribution, refining and petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, food and consumer products, pharmaceuticals and biotech, and many more. Continue reading for region-specific highlights, course dates and locations, and links to additional information for each seminar.


In 2013 the Asia-Pacific region will host 8 IPA Institute seminars in five different countries. Highlights include the first-ever public IPA Institute courses to be held in Seoul, South Korea and Gold Coast, Australia. Additional Australian cities slated to host IPA Institute seminars include Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. The IPA Institute will once again return to China with one seminars in Shanghai. Rounding out the 2013 calendar is one course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Asia-Pacific Course Highlights:

  • Three seminars each will focus on improving the performance of small projects (less than US $10 million) and best practices on managing larger projects (more than US $10 million)
  • IPA Chief Operating Officer Paul Barshop will instruct one seminar designed to improve the business leadership skills of those who are the capital project gatekeepers for their organization
  • IPA President and CEO Edward Merrow will deliver his globally popular seminar on industrial megaprojects (more than US $1 billion) strategies once in the region next year
  • One course dedicated to improve the performance of mining projects is scheduled for Asia-Pacific in 2013
February 19-21 Best Practices for Small Projects Sydney
May 7-9 Project Management Best Practices Seoul
June 25-26 Best Practices for Mining Projects Brisbane
July 2-4 Best Practices for Small Projects Kuala Lumpur
July 23-25 Project Management Best Practices Perth
& September 4-6 Gatekeeping for Capital Project Governance  Gold Coast
# October 7-9 Megaprojects – Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success  Perth
October 29-31              Project Management Best Practices  Shanghai


The Latin America region will host 10 IPA Institute seminars in 2013, all in South American countries. Next year will mark the first-ever public course held in Curitiba, Brazil, where the IPA Institute's Latin America office is located. Five other courses will be held in Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro (two seminars), Sao Paulo (two seminars), and Belo Horizonte. Two courses are scheduled for Chile, both in the city of Santiago. One IPA Institute course will take place in Lima, Peru.

Latin America Course Highlights:

  • IPA CEO Edward Merrow kicks off the 2013 calendar in Rio de Janeiro by conducting his megaprojects seminar for the first time since it was launched in 2011 (later in the year, the course will be delivered by a different instructor to be announced)
  • Two courses will focus specifically on improving the performance of mining projects
  • Two seminars will benefit those managing large capital projects greater than US $10 million
  • Two courses are aimed at those working with smaller, plant-based projects less than US $10 million
  • One course each will focus on capital cost and schedule performance, and contracting strategies, respectively
# March 12-14 Megaprojects – Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success Rio de Janeiro
April 23-24 Best Practices for Mining Projects Santiago
May 14-16 Project Management Best Practices Sao Paulo
June 18-20 Project Management Best Practices Lima
July 17-18 Contracting in the Changing World of Projects Santiago
August 6-8 Exploration and Production Project Best Practices Rio de Janeiro
August 27-28                 Establishing Effective Capital Cost and Schedule Processes Sao Paulo
September 24-25 Best Practices for Mining Projects Belo Horizonte
October 15-17 Megaprojects - Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success Bogota
November 12-14 Best Practices for Small Projects Curitiba


The 2013 North America schedule will consist of six total courses. Five of the six North America courses will take place in the United States in cities that have shown to be popular with IPA Institute seminar participants: Houston, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Orlando, Florida. One seminar will take place in Canada, in Calgary, Alberta.

North America Course Highlights: 

  • Three of the six scheduled programs are focused on improving the performance of small projects, plant-based projects
  • Two seminars will share best practices on managing larger projects (greater than US $10 million)
  • One event each will focus on megaprojects (large, complex projects valued above US $1 billion) and gatekeeping (business leadership for capital projects), to be instructed by IPA CEO Edward Merrow and IPA COO Paul Barshop, respectively
March 5-7 Best Practices for Small Projects  Las Vegas
May 14-16 Project Management Best Practices Houston 
# June 11-13 Megaprojects – Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success  Calgary
August 13-15  Project Management Best Practices Houston
& September 25-26 Gatekeeping for Capital Project Governance   Houston
October 8-10                Best Practices for Small Projects  Orlando


Six courses are scheduled to be held in four different countries throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region in 2013. Moscow, Russia and Johannesburg, South Africa will feature two courses each, while one seminar each will take place in The Hague, The Netherlands and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

EMEA Course Highlights:

  • Three of the events in this region are designed to improve large capital project performance, while one seminar is geared to those who manage small and plant-based projects
  • IPA CEO Edward Merrow is scheduled to lead one seminar on megaproject best practices
  • IPA COO Paul Barshop will instruct the IPA Institute’s gatekeeping / business leadership course for the first time in this region 
# May 20-22                     Megaprojects – Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success  Moscow
& July 30-31              Gatekeeping for Capital Project Governance Johannesburg
September 17-19    Project Management Best Practices  Abu Dhabi
September 24-26          Best Practices for Small Projects  The Hague
October 8-10           Project Management Best Practices Moscow
November 12-14           Project Management Best Practices Johannesburg

Click the course links for additional information such as detailed course descriptions, venue information, discounts, and more. Please direct any questions about specific courses to the applicable IPA Institute regional offices.

# instructed by IPA Founder and President Edward Merrow
& instructed by IPA Chief Operating Officer Paul Barshop